[SPN-Discussion] Fall Opportunities for Sustainable Marketing and Zero Waste

Jacquelyn Ottman jottman at greenmarketing.com
Fri Aug 12 18:04:56 PDT 2016

Hello All,

Please add to your list of available green opportunities for immediate

We are looking for one part-time sustainability marketing assistant and
two (paid) interns for the Fall.

These 3 individuals will have the opportunity to use WeHateToWaste.com to
advance new learning about what it takes to create a resource efficient
lifestyle that people would want to live. Secondarily, we are looking to
help NYC achieve its zero waste goals by influencing change in consumption

More information about the jobs HERE:

Thanks for forwarding this to exceptional candidates.

Jacquelyn Ottman

Author, The New Rules of Green Marketing
Founder, WeHateToWaste.com
Certified Zero Waste Business Associate
Member, Manhattan Solid Waste Advisory Board
315 East 69, New York, NY 10021
O: 212 879 4160
C: 917 750 2867

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