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A Message from the Food & Farm Justice Hub:
What do we need? Soil not Oil
When do we need it? NOW

The Food & Farm Justice Hub believes that good food fuels powerful communities. We believe that communities have the right to grow, sell and eat healthy food. We believe that healthy food is fresh, nutritious, affordable, culturally-appropriate, and grown locally with care for the well-being of the land, workers, and animals.

Industrial agriculture is a main driver of climate change, from deforestation to soil loss to factory farm emissions. Local food production, organic agriculture, carbon ranching and composting are part of the solution for Climate and Food Justice.

Instead of emitting greenhouse gases, sustainable agriculture traps carbon in the soil. The world's 2 billion small-scale food producers, including our own local farmers and urban gardeners, already provide 70% of the world's food. They can reverse climate change and feed the world! Let's bring this message of hope to the People's Climate March!

We are so excited that we will be banding together to advocate for Food and Farm Justice at the People's Climate March!

Dress for the weather - In the 80s and sunny but remember that the bus is air conditioned
o   a hat
o   water for the day (there may be water service but you never know)
o   food for the day, snacks, etc.
o   sunblock
o   any medications you might need
o   reading materials for the bus ride
o   your cell phone and charger
o   Pad & paper
There are still a few seats left on the buses leaving from Grand Army Plaza so let your friends know and use link below for tickets.
You can purchase tickets here <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=0015IlvCkeT_hhndwuz_302nNViQJ4NCttu9bz22k3b-F_QwOf6qikH5v6EEiYi4RQiPffH-S_ZVs17CO5HOYv9h97Q_dRuB83SWsrw3e52PpDl-Ts5l_eRRHnP6rL-2E5egr2MrTbjh4kUOxLPs-hM-61KeWl34lNIQ7BPRAyizNnGHvPFZVM4rkOlZsDyh90qTzG18MhW3XmqXKrR0C-IM3oaio97zrHsghnibnA34XNnxqTlEpNULUFINpERaw6MM4lu7e9opnoRr5VET8twCSV6yqL3muE7mrOJ8i85IR9SsKJlgSv9sRxkkTaTXLP_oSR2UVvPJvRMA82x0zE3RoHutNg8M-VYo4Ef2smruKB3QrvZ5WiEjeG6_fLWlVS2AIlBfhjDY39ZfYK3WQ0v-lYAadQqHKQO7DW0dmhjOlgWiPmX2BN-3SRhDPooX2e_Qs2BUHjHLs8=&c=oVPupha-K6IMR1elI2Hw-Srn_pZLtwa30tmV6IG8nRw8k7FTXoPLdA==&ch=X8NNukGeFQ78iKKhHy5WLNFKLLWptnRWa2RMNjmUM9umgDNi-koYvA==>

I will be on one of the busses. Call me if you want: 718 623 1911
*    *    *    *    *
Vokashi - kitchen waste solution, 380 Classon Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11238
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