[SPN-Discussion] One more SCC webinar before the holidays! "Living Labs" on December 13

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Sustainability Curriculum Consortium (tm) webinar

Wednesday, December 13 at 11:30AM Eastern

"Living Labs"
Caroline Savage
Princeton University

Peter Buckland 
Penn State University
Caroline Savage and Peter Buckland headline SCC's first webinar focusing on "living labs."   Caroline will present on the "Campus as Lab" program at Princeton which supports faculty, staff, and students from a variety of disciplines in using the campus as a living laboratory to solve sustainability challenges on topics ranging from energy conservation and natural resource management, to behavior change.  Princeton's Campus as Living Lab approach is defined as a campus-based intersection of cultural, behavioral or operational activities and research that result in the advancement of sustainability problem-solving or discourse. The intent is to make funding available for innovative projects that encourage faculty to collaborate with undergraduate and/or graduate students on studies that help promote campus sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Peter's presentation will discuss Penn State's initial foray into living labs for sustainability as created through the Penn State Reinvention Fund, including the creation of a program evaluation framework that assessed returns on five forms of capital for five stakeholder groups.   Peter has written: "Sustainability education proponents are carrying the torch of being collaborative problem solvers, a torch they look to pass to their students and their peers. The living laboratory concept seems to be one of the best available means for passing that torch." He will explore the significant difficulties in evaluating these projects and will provide an evaluative framework for assessing living labs for sustainability that came about through an extensive mixed methods program evaluation, along with suggestions for refining living lab evaluation tools.
As Campus as Lab Manager, Caroline works at the campus-based intersection of operational, educational and research activities that result in the advancement of sustainability problem-solving. She designs and implements the Campus as Lab program to encourage and support the Princeton campus community in testing sustainable solutions, engaging all disciplines. She has developed and maintains a 100+ member international best practices network. Caroline previously served as the Director of the Institute for Community Sustainability at Indiana State University in Terre Haute, IN, where she laid the groundwork for an ecovillage in the community adjacent to the university that is currently in development; hosted regional symposia on infill development and urban food issues in the Midwest; and developed several sustainability and social justice programs. Caroline received her B.A. in International Relations from Syracuse University, M.P.S. in Environmental Studies from State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry (SUNY-ESF), and Ph.D. in Spatial and Earth Sciences. Her dissertation research explored sustainability in Rust Belt cities. She is a current member of the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) Advisory Council and a LEED AP-ND accredited professional.

Peter Buckland works on academic and outreach programming at Penn State’s Sustainability Institute and is affiliate faculty in Educational Theory and Policy. He curates The Field Guide to Teaching Sustainability, coordinates special programs and presentations for sustainability, and teaches courses in sustainability, education, and leadership. Peter has communicated widely on sustainability, environmental issues, education, and music in popular and peer-reviewed press, including The International Journal of Ethics Education, The Journal of Educational Leadership, Policy, and Practice, Reviews of the National Center for Science Education, International Journal of Illich Studies, the Yale Cultural Cognition Project, and the Rock Ethics Institute’s “Ask an Ethicist.”  Currently, Peter is working on a number of sustainability-related projects. These include ongoing blogging and development of The Field Guide to Teaching Sustainability as well as work on climate change communication and education, sustainability education praxis, and ecofeminist care ethics for teaching sustainability problem-posing.

Register here for December 13 webinar:  <http://bit.ly/2AFsgQB <http://bit.ly/2AFsgQB>>.

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