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I hope many of you can make this.  It's open to all around the world and
should be an important conversation.  Please, feel free to share.

With thanks,


*Communicating Climate in the New America-*
*An Impacts Hour with Jeremy Deaton of Climate Nexus*
Wednesday, February 8th, 12pm Eastern
FREE Google Hangout on Air:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IoE5YDDpOCI

Join us for another online Impacts Hour from the Human Impacts Institute.
This "learning lunch" session we invite Jeremy Deaton, a climate change
communications specialist from Climate Nexus, to give us an overview of the
academic research on climate change communication, followed by critique and
analysis of speeches, online ads and commercials from environmental groups
to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses. Stay tuned to ask Jeremy
questions about your own work and outreach goals!

Jeremy Deaton writes for Nexus Media, a nonprofit climate and energy
newswire. His work can be seen in Popular Science, Huffington
Post, Business Insider, ThinkProgress, Grist and Sojourners, among other
outlets. In his spare time, he manages theclimatechat.org, an online guide
to the science of climate change communication.

Jeremy holds a bachelor’s degree in Jazz Studies from the University of
Southern California and a master's degree in Media and Public Affairs from
George Washington University, where he was recipient of the Larry
King Endowment Fellowship.

*Impacts Hours* are curated conversations, where inspiring people share
their knowledge, ideas, stories, and solutions in beautiful and engaging
ways. Impacts Hours are an initiative of the Human Impacts Institute whose
mission is to inspire YOU to transform environmental challenges into social
action for a just and livable world. Learn more at HumanImpactsInstitute.org
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