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AgriPower: Generating Heat and Electricity from Waste

Date: Friday, March 10, 2017

Time: 8:00am – 10:00am

Organizer: Gelvin Stevenson, PhD

Host: Sidley Austin LLP

Location: 787 Seventh Ave. (AXA Equitable Building, between 51st and
52nd Streets),
23rd Floor

AgriPower, Inc.™ was formed in 2004, is headquartered in Great Neck, New
York, and custom designs and manufactures a unique and proprietary line of
advanced technology, transportable, Waste-to-Energy, “Heat Only” and
“Combined Heat and Power” (“*CHP*”) Systems and grinders. The Systems
enable a wide variety of waste materials (all types of wood, cardboard,
paper, agricultural and forest waste, manure, construction and demolition
debris, *sorted* municipal solid waste and many types of plastic), with up
to a 50% moisture content, that would normally be burned, buried or
disposed of at a cost, to instead be used as free or low-cost fuel to
produce on-site, base load, heat energy and electric power.

The Systems have a proven track record of reliable and low-cost operation;
more than 60 Systems are currently in use, some for more than 12 years,
primarily at schools, hospitals, prisons and factories. Their typical
payback period is between 2.5 to 4 years and even less if diesel fuel is
being displaced.  The Systems are fully-automated, do not require any
on-site technical personnel and can be remotely monitored by the customer
or AgriPower.

The Company has developed a robust sales agent network in more than a dozen
countries that is producing a rapidly expanding sales pipeline.  It has
signed Letters of Intent for numerous Systems in various African, South
American and Asian countries.  To expand sales of its proven, advanced,
clean and renewable technology, it is seeking funding to set up a working
CHP demo site in its plant in Pennsylvania and project finance funding,
equity and ever-more deals.

The Systems utilize from 1 to 60 tons per day of waste to produce 500,000
BTU/hour of heat energy (heated air, hot water and/or steam) and can
generate  from 250 kW to 1.2 MW of electric power.  They are
pre-fabricated, modular and skid-mounted, making them easily transported to
on-grid and remote off-grid locations such as small to mid-size
communities, hotels, hospitals, military bases, industrial parks and
colleges and universities.

Their unique dual combustion design enables them to comply with all
applicable emissions requirements.  The fuel burns so cleanly because,
after the combustion takes place in the lower chamber, all of the resultant
gases are directed into the upper chamber where they are completely
combusted using AgriPower’s proprietary extended dwell time design.  This
enables problematic materials, such as paint on wood or plywood that
contains glue, to be used as fuel.


*Register at the GIF Eventbrite page: *Greentech Investors Forum:
AgriPower--Advanced Waste-to-Energy

*Or contact Gelvin at **gelvin.stevenson at gmail.com*
<gelvin.stevenson at gmail.com>*.*


​          ​
The Systems operate on-site at the customers’ locations and can
substantially reduce the cost of waste disposal and the need for, and
expense of, diesel fuel.


*GIF thanks Investors Circle for its generous support, Geoff Miles,
Chino Maduagwu, and Gary Kier for developing and operating GIF’s video,
social media and design capabilities, Tonia Popke for her financial
expertise, and Jesse Goldstein, PhD, for his continued support.*


​          ​
AgriPower recently signed a broad agreement to use a recently introduced
and new type of electric generator that enables the heat energy produced by
the Systems to generate electricity.  These generators are being
manufactured for AgriPower by one of the largest manufacturing companies in
the world, and its generators are substantially less costly than
traditional Organic Rankine Cycle generators.


*Disclaimer: The Greentech Investors Forum (GIF) is not soliciting funds
for the presenting companies, nor is it encouraging parties to invest in
them.  We try to find good companies — not necessarily good investments.
They have been advised on what is acceptable in terms of predicted results,
but GIF takes no responsibility for what they actually do, say, or how they
perform in the future. Gelvin Stevenson works with AgriPower, Inc.*


AgriPower is working actively with the U.S. Department of Commerce, the
Export-Import Bank, the Africa Development Bank and USAID’s Power Africa
program to deploy its Systems to provide renewable electricity in rural
areas throughout that continent.  One possibility is to combust the sawdust
from lumber mills to generate the electricity needed to power their
equipment, with the extra power going to nearby homes and businesses in
accordance with various Feed-In Tariff programs.  AgriPower is also
exploring possibilities in urban areas where sorted municipal solid waste
will be used as fuel.


​                           ​
8:00 to 8:30     -   Networking & light breakfast
                           8:30 to 9:10     -   Barry J. Berman, CEO

   9:10 to 9:30     -   Mody Lacour, Ph.D.

   9:30 to 10:00   -   Discussion

*Security:*      Security is tight, so please register early.  If there is
a problem at the Security Desk, please contact Gelvin Stevenson at
917-599-6089 <(917)%20599-6089>.

*Fees:*            $50, payable ahead of time or at the door.  Cash or
checks and credit cards accepted.

$25 for call-in.  Registered call-ins will be emailed the call-in numbers
and, if available, the slides to be presented.
                  ​     ​
$20 for students and faculty

To register, visit this Eventbrite site, Greentech Investors Forum:
AgriPower--Advanced Waste-to-Energy
If there is a problem with that, send your contact information
to Gelvin Stevenson at gelvin.stevenson at gmail.com or 917-599-6089
<(917)%20599-6089>.  Please contact Gelvin If you have questions or need
more information.


*Barry J. Berman is CEO *of AgriPower, Inc. and has been actively involved
in the Alternative and Renewable Energy fields since 1999.

Barry’s primary areas of responsibility at AgriPower are in Business
Development, Strategic Alliances and Finance.

Barry is an experienced entrepreneur.  Prior to joining AgriPower, Barry
founded several companies that ultimately were built up and then sold in
the broker-dealer and telecommunications industries.  Several such
companies had more than 100 employees at the time of their sale.

Barry obtained his Bachelor of Business Administration from The College of
Insurance and his Juris Doctor from Fordham University’s School of Law.

*Mody Lacour, PhD,* is a Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency expert with
over 10 years of research, industry and teaching experience in distributed
energy resources, renewable energy technologies, energy efficiency systems
and energy policy. Mody holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineer,
Master of engineering degree in Energy and Power Technology, Master of
Science degree in Computer Aided Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering,
and a PhD in Engineering.

          Mody has experience in analyzing the techno-economic and
environmental performance of renewable energy and energy efficient systems.
He has published over 10 peer-reviewed papers on PV systems, solar water
heating systems, and micro combined heat and power in internationally
recognized energy and policy journals that have been extensively cited.
Mody is a co-author of “Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency: Assessment
of Projects and Policies”.

          Mody has over 15 years of business experience working with lumber
mills in grid-connected and off-grid locations in Cameroon.
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