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Change Wind Corp: New Vertical Axis Wind Turbine with New Technologies and
Low Costs from Mass Production

Date: Friday, November 10, 2017

Time: 8:00am – 10:00am

Organizer: Gelvin Stevenson, PhD

Host: Sidley Austin LLP

Location: 787 Seventh Ave. (AXA Equitable Building, between 51st and
52nd Streets),
23rd Floor

Change Wind Corporation ("CWC") is a six (6) year old self-funded developer
of advanced electricity generating wind turbine technology. What makes the
CWC 36kW Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT) unique are it’s advanced
technologies (several patents) and its focus on high-tech, low-cost mass
production. The results: a new standard in low-cost, high performance wind

The 36kW VWAT has been designed and engineered to generate electricity in
light breezes as little as six miles per hour and makes 36 kilowatts power
in only a twelve (12) mile per hour wind. Standing only 30ft or 42ft tall
and light weight, the helical winged turbine can generate power from
turbulent air in any direction, and can produce power from short duration
wind gusts. The high lift, low drag wings and the friction reducing
balancing system (patented) are key designs that allow the CWC turbine to
outperform competing renewable energy generation.

The technology’s other inherent advantages are ease of transportation (two
turbines can be shipped in a 14ft. cube van) and installation on a six to
eight cubic yard concrete pad that make for a quick start to full
operation. A simple annual maintenance service is easily performed at
ground level validating a ten year factory warranty. The CWC 36kW
performance/cost ratio is a game changer within the industry. At $59,950 or
$1,665 cost per kW the 36kW is 70% less than competitors’ $6,040 average kW
cost as published by AWEA.

The Company has two domestic patents granted with 25 patented claims, and
an additional 24 international patent claims pending. In October of 2013
CWC began assembling an ISO 9001 registered mass production infrastructure
to profitably manufacture twenty four (24) wind turbines per day. The
Company’s manufacturing capabilities include internal fixture and tooling
design and construction capacity which reduces its dependency on
sub-contractors and manufacturing lead times.

The development of the CWC 36kW helical wing wind turbine was initially
conceived in 2007 by a group of successful philanthropic minded business
men and women that wanted to reduce their carbon footprint. However, after
researching the market they could not find a renewable energy generating
device that would be profitable to operate without government subsidies.
Consequently they decided to pool their automotive manufacturing, financial
and race car design experience along with personal capital and set out to
design and engineer for mass production a renewable energy generator that
would meet or beat the production costs of centralized fossil fuel
generation in the U.S., while at same time reducing the carbon footprint
and have a minimal impact on the landscape or skyline.

After installing a production ready wind turbine on a Pennsylvania farm in
2009, and incorporating that same year, the Company set about to develop a
mass production infrastructure to achieve its low market price. In 2010 the
Company began to acquire mass production CNC machinery from GM, Ford,
Boeing, Bendix, Rockwell Automation, BAE Aerospace, GE Aviation, NASA, and
others. In the case of General Motors the Company’s acquisitions saved the
machines from being sold to scrap metal dealers as was the fate for many of
the multimillion pound machines from Pontiac, Mansfield, and Indianapolis

The Company believes that the Change Wind turbine is the world’s only
turbine that is manufactured utilizing repurposed mass production CNC and
robotic machinery from both the automotive and aerospace industry within an
abandoned factory powered by an on-site hydroelectric energy source.


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This low acquisition cost allows customers to recoup their investment in as
little as five years before government subsidies and three with current
incentives. With a twenty year useful life, CWC turbines are particularly
well suited for Distributed Generation and Micro-Grids.


*GIF thanks Investors Circle for its generous support, Geoff Miles,
Chino Maduagwu, and Gary Kier for developing and operating GIF’s video,
social media and design capabilities, Tonia Popke for her financial
expertise, and Jesse Goldstein, PhD, for his continued support.*


Normally, mass production requires large capital outlays, but CWC has
acquired over $65,000,000 of automated and robotic machinery for an equity
funded sunk cost of about $7,500,000, and secured a 200,00 sq. ft. factory
at $1.25 per square foot with rail siding and access to on site
hydroelectric power at 66% below market, which saves $2.4 million per year.)


*Disclaimer: The Greentech Investors Forum (GIF) is not soliciting funds
for the presenting companies, nor is it encouraging parties to invest in
them. We try to find good companies—not necessarily good investments. They
have been advised on what is acceptable in terms of predicted results, but
GIF takes no responsibility for what they actually do, say, or how they
perform in the future. Gelvin Stevenson is or may be working with any
presenting company individually. *


*Agenda:*          8:00 to 8:30     -   Networking & light breakfast

8:30 to 9:10     -   Presentation: Jim Bardia, President, CEO, Director of
Change Wind Corporation

9:10 to 9:40     -   Sector Expert--TBD

9:40 to 10:00   -   Discussion

*Security:*        Security is tight, so please register early. If there is
a problem at the Security Desk, please contact Gelvin Stevenson at

*Fees:*               Please register on Eventbrite:

$50, payable ahead of time or at the door. Cash or checks and credit cards

$25 for call-in. Registered call-ins will be emailed the call-in numbers
and, if available, the slides to be presented.

                        $20 for students and faculty

With questions, please visit Greentech Investors Forum
Eventbrite site, or send your contact information to Gelvin Stevenson at
gelvin.stevenson at gmail.com or 917-599-6089. And contact Gelvin If you have
questions or need more information.


Jim Bardia, President, CEO Director Inventor of the CWC wind turbine,
manufacturer of prototype, specialty and armored vehicles, founding
principal of the First Union Securities Wall Street Office, accomplished
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