[SPN-Discussion] Love What You Do or Do Something Else: Career Change via Intrapreneuring. Workshop, 10/4

Eban Goodstein ebangood at bard.edu
Tue Sep 26 07:58:21 PDT 2017

WORKSHOP- Love What You Do or Do Something Else: Career Change via Intrapreneuring

Jeff Hittner, Your Project X
Nour Shaikh, ING Bank
Eban Goodstein, Bard MBA In Sustainability	

10/4 | 6:00-8:00pm EST | Tickets Here
Center for Social Innovation: 601 West 26th St. #325, NYC
Explore what it takes to create an entrepreneurial opportunity for yourself inside your company. We’ll hear from Nour Shaikh about his journey finding work with purpose in the finance industry, and engage in activities to experience taking that initiative regardless of how staid or silo’d your company is. But that’s just one side of the equation, the other - if you can’t imagine how your work is ever going to make your heart sing - is changing careers. Your Project X founder Jeff Hittner will walk you through 5 steps to prepare yourself for career change:
Identifying and overcoming the expectations you put on yourself
Defining your direction: investigating your personal purpose
Making small bets: designing a micro-experiment to begin to move you in a new direction within the week
Building support: developing an accountability plan with a friend (or stranger!) to keep you moving forward
Getting inspired: understanding how small steps others have taken can lead you into your change
This event is sponsored by the Bard MBA in Sustainability, one weekend a month in NYC + on line, and Your Project X, which is dedicated to helping you (re)discover your passions to build the career you’ll love.

Eban Goodstein
Director, Bard Center for Environmental Policy &
Director, Bard MBA in Sustainability
www.bard.edu/cep — www.bard.edu/mba
ebangood at bard.edu

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