[SPN-Discussion] SCC Faculty Conference 2018 -- Save the Date!

Ira Feldman ira at greentrack.com
Tue Feb 6 08:41:44 PST 2018


SCC's Faculty Conference

with workshops and panels on SCC's three themes:
pedagogy, content & leadership

Pittsburgh, June 25 - 26, 2018

Institutional host:

The Penn State Sustainability Institute

at the Penn State Center in Pittsburgh

Confirmed Keynote Speaker:

David Orr, Oberlin College

*** Registration will open later this month ***

Agenda, lodging info and optional tours
to be posted on the conference webpage at:

<www.curriculumforsustainability.org <http://www.curriculumforsustainability.org/>>

The Program Committee is now accepting expressions of interest
for presentations, panels and workshops at: 

<admin at curriculumforsustainability.org <mailto:admin at curriculumforsustainability.org>>

Inquiries for exhibitors and sponsors, please contact:

<ira at curriculumforsustainability.org <mailto:ira at curriculumforsustainability.org>>

Ira Feldman
founder & managing director
Sustainability Curriculum Consortium (tm)
<www.curriculumforsustainability.org <http://www.curriculumforsustainability.org/>>.


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