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Tue Feb 13 08:04:44 PST 2018

Monthly Forum: How to be Cool and Efficient

As air conditioning is increasingly considered to be a required amenity in both residential and commercial settings, even as concern about global warming and greenhouse gasses has grown, this forum will discuss the key air conditioning system types and their related energy efficiency. We will also discuss some design issues, troubleshooting installation problems and, finally focus on the need for expanded technician education and training.

Forum Agenda:

System Types and Relative Energy Efficiency 

Brendan Casey, Fujitsu General America
Brendan will provide a brief overview of system types and focus on the fundamentals of Variable Refrigerant Flow technology and how these systems can be installed to improve the energy efficiency of buildings. 

Design and Installation Issues 

Michael Hlinka, Lightning Mechanical
Michael will provide an overview of design and installation issues that he faces and how problematic installations are identified and resolved. 

Education and Training and Gaps in the Field 

Craig Gallagher, Lightning Mechanical
Craig will provide an overview of the training and that his employees receive and speak about the education and training gaps that exist in the HVAC design and installation industry.


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