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Tue Feb 20 18:55:27 PST 2018

Dear Colleagues,  I am holding my once-each semester webinar on "How to Get a Job In Sustainability" next Tuesday night, 2/27. Also, talking as part of the Sustainability Curriculum Consortium webinar series on “Creating a Curriculum for Mission Driven Business Education" on March 5. Please circulate to interested students, alums and colleagues.  Thanks for the work you are doing— Eban

How to Get a Job in Sustainability: 
Purpose-Driven Careers in Business, NGOs, and Government  
Webinar: Tuesday, February 27th, 7 PM EST
Dr. Eban Goodstein, Director of Graduate Programs in Sustainability at Bard College, will outline mission-driven career strategies in sustainable business, non-profits and goverment for both soon-to-be and recent college graduates, and for professionals looking to make a move. Goodstein will provide participants with a concrete job-search strategy, discuss what the current political climate means for careers in social and environmental sustainability, cover grad school and continuing education options (including school now / school later); and take questions from the audience. 

Please register here for log-in details and more information. 


Sustainability Curriculum Consortium (SCC) Webinar
Monday, March 5
at 2PM Eastern/11AM Pacific
"Creating a Curriculum for Mission-Driven Business Education"

Eban Goodstein
Director, Bard MBA in Sustainability

As corporate leadership has moved beyond single-bottom line management -- at least in its thinking -- how has graduate business education evolved? Or put differently, how should we be training managers to help run for profit or non-profit purpose-driven firms?  In response to rising student demand and employer interest, many business schools have added a course or two in sustainability strategy or Corporate Social Responsibility. Some now offer three or four-course sustainability concentrations; others provide joint degree options with schools of the environment; still others have moved to include at least one social or environmental case in all courses across the curriculum. Finally, a small group of graduate business schools -- including the MBA in Sustainability program at Bard College -- have fully integrated sustainability into a core curriculum. Sustainability in Bard’s program is “baked in” rather than “bolted on.”

What skills and competencies are required to manage in this new environment, where the focus is on an integrated bottom line?  For the last five years, Bard MBA faculty have been working on this question. This webinar will discuss the construction of the Bard MBA in Sustainability’s curriculum and then present The Bard MBA Toolkit, a set of concepts that students are expected to master during their course of study. The Bard MBA curriculum is benchmarked against criteria suggested by the International Society for Sustainability Professionals, on the one hand, and the Harvard Business Publishing series of core business curricular topics, on the other. The Bard curriculum is a work in progress, and the intent is to promote discussion and debate about the direction of graduate business education when firms are managed for social and environmental mission.

Dr. Eban Goodstein /  Director, Graduate Programs in Sustainability / Bard College

MBA in Sustainability
MS in Environmental Policy and MS in Climate Science and Policy
M. Ed in Environmental Education

ebangood at bard.edu

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