[SPN-Discussion] Tomorrow -- Tuesday, May 29 -- Webinar: Fighting Poverty through Management Education

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Sustainability Curriculum Consortium Webinar

Tuesday, May 29
2:00 pm (Eastern US)

"Fighting Poverty through Management Education"

Milenko Gudić

Founding Director, REFOMENT, Belgrade, Serbia.
Co-chair, PRME Anti-poverty Working Group
Visiting lecturer, UDG-University, Montenegro 

The PRME Anti-Poverty Working Group, established in 2008 among the first PRME Working Groups, today includes more than 180 members from 150 institutions in 55 countries around the globe. The aim of this collective effort is to work towards a proposal that introduces the issue of poverty in the curriculum and the learning methods in the education of future professionals, as part of the social environment in which business and management operate. The Working Group has developed and produced a number of initiatives and outcomes including:

	• global surveys on fighting poverty through management education: challenges solutions and opportunities (2012) and on the SDGs and the issues of poverty in management education (2017)
	• two books on WHY and HOW to integrate the issue of poverty into management education (2014, 2015)
	• two joint books on the integration of sustainability into business and management practice, and management education (2017)
	• two joint books on the champions, struggles and successes in the pursuit of the SDGs (work in progress)
	• scholarly articles
	• WG and joint conferences
	• Anti-poverty toolkit (work in progress)

This webinar will be an opportunity to share some of the Working Group’s findings and lessons learned on fighting poverty and advancing the SDGs through management education.

Milenko Gudić is the Founding Director of REFOMENT Consulting & Coaching bssed in Belgrade, Serbia and serves as the PRME Anti-poverty Working Group Co-chair. He is visiting lecturer at UDG-University, Montenegro and a Member of the Strategic Advisory Board to the Dean of the School of Business at the American University in Cairo, Egypt. He designed and managed (2000-2014) IMTA - International Management Teachers Academy, which has educated nearly 600 management professors from 155 institutions in 49 countries around the globe. With the mission to “create a new generation of management educators for the new generation of business leaders,” IMTA has placed a high emphasis on the social responsibility of faculty. Since 2013 a new disciplinary track on Business in Society has been regularly on the program. Through the Economics Institute – Belgrade and as an independent consultant to various international organizations, including OECD, UNDP, UNIDO, ICPE, CEEMAN, Milenko has designed and led large international research, educational, consulting and institution-building projects, including in management education. He has been frequent guest speaker at business schools and conferences worldwide. He was Program Chair of the EURAM 2008 conference on Managing Diversity: European Destiny and Hope.  He co-edited PRME-related books recently published by Greenleaf Publishing: “Socially Responsive Organizations and the Challenge of Poverty” (2014), “Responsible Management Education and the Challenge of Poverty: A Teaching Perspective” (2015), Beyond the Bottom Line: Integrating Sustainability into Business and Management Practice (2017) and Redefining Success: Integrating Sustainability into Management Education (F&T Routledge, 2017). He is a Member of the Editorial Board, PRME Book Series, Taylor & Francis Routledge and a Member of the Society for Technology, Culture and Development, Serbia.  Milenko received the UN PRME Pioneer Award for Thought Leadership: Translating PRME into Action (July 2017).

Pre-register at: <http://bit.ly/2woyUMx <http://bit.ly/2woyUMx>>

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