[SPN-Discussion] Sustainability Curriculum Consortium webinar, Wednesday October 10, noon Eastern

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Sustainability Curriculum Consortium Webinar

Wednesday October 10, noon Eastern

"Analysis of SCC Survey Results:
a contribution to the NCSE sustainability competencies process"
Peter Soyka, Soyka & Co.

Pre-register at: <http://bit.ly/2C5P5Qf <http://bit.ly/2C5P5Qf>>.
Earlier this year, SCC launched an Online Curriculum Dialogue in the run-up to our Faculty Conference which was held June 25-26 in Pittsburgh.  We began our process with a survey instrument developed by Peter Soyka of Soyka & Co. This "pre-survey," while not comprehensive, was intended to help us perform some important foundational work by documenting pre-existing views in the SCC community of practice regarding the purpose and content of sustainability curricula delivered at the university level.  Our goal was to understand the range of views held and identify any areas of concurrence, as well as highlight issues for further exploration through the continuation of the SCC Online Curriculum Dialogue. 

This webinar will summarize the results and implications of the SCC pre-survey.  Peter presented his analysis at the SCC Faculty Conference and his work was also shared with the Council of Environmental Deans and Directors (CEDD) as the SCC contribution to a joint workshop with CEDD in Pittsburgh. CEDD is a program of the National Council for Science and the Environment (NCSE).  Earlier this year, NCSE launched a process through CEDD focusing on “key competencies” in sustainability degree programs. SCC is committed to integration and alignment of its curriculum dialogue with this NCSE process. This collaboration has already resulted in a joint panel and a workshop at last week's AASHE Conference. 

Going forward, the joint effort will take the form of a dual track approach. One track will consist of a Delphi panel to be led by Katja Brundiers of Arizona State University; the complementary track, to be led by SCC, will proceed with workshops, online dialogues, surveys and other activities.  Rod Parnell of Northern Arizona University will play a leadership role as an NCSE Senior Fellow.  The proposed goal is to create a “Consensus Statement” on sustainability competencies.    

Peter Soyka is an environmental management and strategy consultant and founder and President of Soyka & Company, LLC.  He brings 30 years of experience in strategic planning, operations management, environmental/sustainability management, and EHS systems auditing, analysis, and improvement.  Mr. Soyka is a recognized environmental management and sustainability expert, and has authored numerous guidance manuals, handbooks, journal articles, project reports, and two critically acclaimed books on organizational sustainability. Prior to founding Soyka & Company in 2003, Mr. Soyka served in executive positions in two national-scale, publicly traded consulting/engineering firms.  Mr. Soyka is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and holds graduate degrees in Environmental Management and Business Administration from Duke University.

Mr. Soyka has a particular interest in ensuring that the next generation of citizen leaders is being developed and will be ready to assume important roles in moving us further toward a truly sustainable economy and society in the years ahead.  To that end, he has volunteered his time and expertise as an expert reviewer of environmental/sustainability educational modules and materials on such key topics as solid waste management, energy, and risk assessment.  In addition, Mr. Soyka serves as a member of the Advisory Board of the SCC, a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing together diverse voices to develop a coherent, comprehensive approach to delivering sustainability education at the college and graduate level across the U.S. and internationally.

Pre-register at: <http://bit.ly/2C5P5Qf <http://bit.ly/2C5P5Qf>>.

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