[SPN-Discussion] Make Your Voice Heard and Your Vote Count – Special Environmental Forum on the 2018 Elections Tomorrow at 6:30pm

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Make Your Voice Heard and Your Vote Count – Special Environmental Forum on
the 2018 Elections


This year’s elections will be key in determining the fate of environmental
and climate change policy, and New Yorkers will have a lot to weigh in on.
The NY State Attorney General’s race could even impact nation-wide policy.
In what could be a pivotal election year, it’s crucial that we become
educated voters before we head to the polls in November.

Please join GreenHomeNYC, the New York League of Conservation Voters, and
WE ACT for Environmental Justice on September 20th
<x-apple-data-detectors://2> for an election-focused environmental forum.

Learn about:

   - The results of the September 13th New York State primaries
   - Which offices are up for election and who is running in November
   - Where all the candidates stand on the environment
   - Environmental legislation that is before the New York City Council and
   New York State Legislature
   - How YOU can get involved in local environmental justice initiatives

Our Speakers:

The New York League of Conservation Voters <http://nylcv.org/> is the only
statewide environmental organization in New York that fights for clean
water, clean air, renewable energy and open space through political action.
We’re non-partisan, pragmatic and effective.

   - Josh Klainberg <http://nylcv.org/staff/joshua-klainberg/>, Senior Vice
   President and key member of the League endorsement committee, will review
   the winners of New York primaries, and share their stances on environmental
   - Pat McClellan <http://nylcv.org/staff/patrick-mcclellan/>, New York
   State Policy Director, will shed light on environmental policy and explain
   how the League works with the NYS legislature in Albany to advance
   environmental legislation.
   - Adriana Espinoza <http://nylcv.org/staff/adriana-espinoza/>, NYC
   Program Director, will discuss key NYC races and provide information about
   NYC grass roots organizations that are engaging communities in
   environmental issues.

WE ACT <https://www.weact.org/whatwedo/areasofwork/> is a community-based
environmental justice organization headquartered in Northern Manhattan with
a federal policy office in Washington, DC. Our mission is to build healthy
communities by ensuring that people of color and/or low-income residents
participate meaningfully in the creation of sound and fair environmental
health and protection policies and practices.

   - Cecil Corbin-Mark <https://www.weact.org/person/cecil-corbin-mark/>,
   WE ACT’s Deputy Director & Director of Policy Initiatives, will discuss
   some of the environmental justice projects and policies the organization is

*REGISTER HERE* <https://bit.ly/2Qk0qRi>*DISCLAIMER: This is a non-partisan
educational event. Any fees associated with the event go to the
GreenHomeNYC operating budget, and will not be used to support any
political party or candidate.*

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