[SPN-Discussion] Webinar 11/13: Jobs, a Green New Deal, and Solving Climate By 2030

Eban Goodstein ebangood at bard.edu
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The Bard Center for Environmental Policy / The National Climate Seminar

Jobs, a Green New Deal and 

Solving Climate By 2030

> Joseph Kane, Senior Research Associate, 
The Brookings Institution 

Webinar, Wednesday November 13, 12 Noon EST.  

Webinar Link Here.  Dial in information Here. 

The 2030 date to achieve the Paris Climate Accords is forcing all of us to rethink "Business As Usual”.  Suppose that we did transition towards 100% renewable energy + electric vehicles in ten years: millions of green jobs would be created, but there would also be substantial disruption for workers in sectors ranging from fossil fuel to automotive to transportation.What kind of federal policy could support a just transition? Join the Brooking Institution’s Joseph Kane on Bard’s National Climate Seminar for a conversation about jobs, the Green New deal, and Solving Climate by 2030. 

This webinar is part off a year-long project: Solve Climate By 2030  sponsored by The Bard Center for Environmental Policy  The project takes as its starting point recent IPCC report that we have only ten years to forestall catastrophic climate change. Combining a national speakers network with a call for One-Night Teach-in’s, the project culminates on April 7, 2020 in a national Power Dialog: 52 simultaneous, university hosted webinars, one in every state, DC and Puerto Rico. In these webinars, local climate solutions experts will suggest the top three ambitious but feasible state, urban, utility or business initiatives that need to occur in Tennessee and Idaho, Missouri and New Jersey, Florida and Minnesota,  if we aim to forestall catastrophic climate change. Following these state webinars, classes and other groups tuning in will have 45 minutes for “solutions sprints” designed to identify civic action opportunities for participants.

Learn more at  Solve Climate By 2030 , and sign up here to stay informed about the project.

Webinar Link: https://bluejeans.com/858694001

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