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*New Voices for the New Challenges: the Journal of Environmental Investing,
Volume 9, no. 1*

The young Greta Thunberg and her diverse cohorts are the brave new voice of
urgency, simultaneously encouraging the scientific community and
reproaching their elders for resistance to tackling the threats of climate
change. But where—or who—is the voice of the millennial generation in this
global miasma?

In seeking answers to this question, the *Journal of Environmental
Investing* <http://www.thejei.com> (*JEI*) (http://www.thejei.com) and its
guest editor, Dr. A. Stanley Meiburg, Director of Graduate Studies in
Sustainability, Wake Forest University, found a wealth of new research by
young scholars in environmental investing and its related concept of
sustainable investing. “We were interested in exploring the concerns of
millennial-age students about how Environmental, Social, and Governance
(ESG) factors might play into investment decisions by this group. So the
JEI put out a call for papers seeking student perspectives on environmental
investing. The intent was to promote the ‘voice’ of those who will reap the
future benefits of such investments (and conversely, suffer the
consequences of poor investment choices),” explained Meiburg.

The just-published issue of the *JEI *showcases voices of those young
scholars and practitioners and covers such topics as water, quantitative
modeling of greenhouse gas emissions, and ESG risk factors and tail
hedging. Founder of the JEI, Angelo Calvello, declared “Fortunately, a
growing number of young scholars and practitioners have emerged and are
actively ignoring the U.S. leadership’s profligate attitude. In an act of
resistance, they are undertaking and sharing serious original scholarship
that directly identifies, measures, and mitigates the risks associated with
climate change and in so doing are providing investors with knowledge and
tools that help them make better investment decisions. The authors of this
issue’s articles are certainly among the leaders of their generation.”

Elaborating further on the innovative research, Meiburg noted that “The
papers we received covered a wide range of topics: analysis of investment
risk posed by water shortages or a changing climate; opportunities for
investing in unconventional places (for example, “blue carbon” and the
“blue economy” resources); means for improving estimates of factors such as
corporate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that may be of concern to socially
conscious investors; and identification of which sustainability-related
factors are likely to be of greatest relevance in driving investment
portfolio risks and returns. All of these topics reflect a heightened
awareness of the importance of environmental factors as a context for
investment decisions.”

“Still,” Meiburg concludes, “the articles in this collection reflect that
issues of cost, price, risk, opportunities, market efficiency, and return
on investment are as relevant to millennial researchers as they are to
earlier generations. This is consistent with principles of sustainability.
Economic factors are joined with social and environmental ones in any
sustainable enterprise, and all three must be considered together.”

To read the articles and brief responding comments by experts in relevant
investing and academic fields go to *Journal of Environmental Investing*
<http://www.thejei.com/jei-vol-9-no-1-2019/> Vol. 9, no. 1 (2019)
<http://www.thejei.com/jei-vol-9-no-1-2019/>, or http://www.the jei.com.
(The *JEI* is always available for free! Be sure to subscribe.

*About the Journal of Environmental Investing*

The *Journal of Environmental Investing* (*JEI*) is an interdisciplinary,
open access publication featuring critical, vetted information relating to
the current environmental investing imperative. The *JEI* presents research
papers, commentaries, case studies, and reviews on manifold topics. It
continues to focus on the critical issues of creating, deploying,
financing, structuring, and managing successful market-based solutions to
the environmental challenges of the day.

Mary M. Cavanagh
Managing Editor of the *Journal of Environmental Investing*
mcavanagh at thejei.com
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