[SPN-Discussion] Keep the Momentum going! Register for the Deep Dive Virtual Conference coming this June and continue the Earth Day Celebrations

Stephan Clambaneva stephan at clamba.net
Sat Apr 18 16:07:15 PDT 2020

*Sustainability Deep Dive 2020*
*June 3-6, 2020*
*Virtual Event*
 *https://bit.ly/2xI9T02 <https://bit.ly/2xI9T02>*

Decades of global human activity and the expanding greenhouse effect have
created a situation that needs to be addressed with more urgency than ever.
We think design can help. Action must be taken today if we have any hope of
creating paths forward to a sustainable future.

As the developers of products and services used by billions of people
around the world, industrial designers hold a crucial position: one that
demands we look for ways in which our work can ignite social, cultural, and
institutional change. By leveraging our resources, processes, and voice as
designers, we can establish new ways of thinking and methodologies in our
studios, companies, and corporate settings that, in turn, can help to
ensure the ongoing health of our planet and its precious resources.

The Sustainability Deep Dive 2020 <http://www.idsa.org/SDD2020> (produced
by Industrial Designers Society of America, IDSA <http://www.idsa.org/>) is
a virtual event spanning three days. It will feature a comprehensive mix of
expert presentations and skill-building sessions meant to produce a
wellspring of innovative ideas and possibilities that are desperately
needed to bring about change. Registration is now open.

Emcees, Deb Johnson <https://www.idsa.org/members/debera-johnson>,
IDSA and Stephan
Clambaneva <https://www.idsa.org/stephan-clambaneva-idsa-0>, IDSA will
guide participants through content structured into three themes, each
building in narrative and application examples to help you walk away with
the knowledge and actionable tools required to immediately make a
difference in your organization.

 *DAY 1 - Wednesday, June 3: Sustainable Strategy*

Uncover the top-down considerations needed to define a Sustainable,
Circular Design, or Zero Waste company-wide initiative. Actualizing these
opportunities can lead to much-needed cultural development at your company
and sustainable business model paradigm shifts, ensuring a strong triple
bottom line!

*DAY 2 - Thursday, June 4: Sustainable Process*

The concept of Process will be broken out into different levels of content
around materiality, environmentally-conscious manufacturing processes,
eco-design toolkits, guides, and technology that you can take with you and
apply in your company for Sustainability, Circular Design, or Zero Waste.
Each presentation in this program block is designed to translate into
real-time professional output, so you can immediately take the best
practices you’ve learned back to your company and generate sustainable
process innovation.

*DAY 3 - Friday, June 5: Sustainable Product Experience*

Learn from a comprehensive showcase of real examples of sustainable
products that skillfully blur the boundaries between singular product and
connected experience. Expect to hear inspiring eco-design success stories
where sustainability is no longer just a design constraint, closed loop
customer journeys that will inspire you to apply holistic design to your
product lines, and case studies that prove that a circular,
systems-thinking approach can create beautiful products.

Learn more at www.idsa.org/SDD2020

Registration is now open

See the speaker line up
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