[SPN-Discussion] SYMPOSIUM: Sustainability Literacy, 12-13 February, Charleston, SC

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Sustainability Literacy: Faculty, Staff, and Students as Agents of Change

College of Charleston
Charleston, South Carolina

Wednesday, February 12th and Thursday, February 13th, 2020

Observer registration is now OPEN.  Presenter registration and Abstract Submissions are CLOSED.

The updated Symposium Agenda and information on Observer Registration is available at: 

<www.curriculmforsustainability.org <http://www.curriculmforsustainability.org/>>.

More detailed conference information and venue details are also posted on the website.


It is widely accepted that there is a perceived need to foster literacy about sustainability, both within and outside higher education institutions. By doing so, we can foster a deeper awareness of sustainable development and its many ramifications for both professional and personal behaviours. However, the extent to which sustainability literacy exists, or is being practiced, has not been sufficiently exploited. The Symposium “Sustainability Literacy: Faculty, Staff and Students as Agents of Change” will address this gap. It will focus on the means, methods and processes via which sustainability awareness and literacy may be fostered and deployed, as tools via which we can promote and support sustainability efforts, both within higher education and beyond. Promoting participatory and inclusive approaches to sustainability, towards the use of literacy, may provide a sound basis for a broader engagement of faculty, staff, and students into matters related to sustainable development. A broader sustainability literacy may lead not only to increased awareness, but also to improvements in both teaching and research programmes. The transdisciplinary Symposium will bring together lecturers, researchers and practitioners from a wide spectrum of the Social and Natural Sciences, the Humanities, and other domains of higher education, representing sustainability in the widest sense.

We have a limited space for Observer (non-presenter) attendees.  Observer registration is at a discounted rate and available on a first come, first served basis.  Please use the registration form at <www.curriculumforsustainability.org <http://www.curriculumforsustainability.org/>>.

Observer attendance includes access to all sessions, reception, lunches, and coffee breaks.  This event will include a bookstore with sustainability and sustainability education books for sale.  The Symposium is a great chance for faculty and sustainability directors to network, and also an opportunity for grad students/early professionals who want to learn more about sustainability in higher ed.

For any additional inquiries, please contact the Symposium Co-Organizers:

Dr. Todd LeVasseur
College of Charleston, Sustainability Literacy Institute
E-mail: levasseurtj at cofc.edu <mailto:levasseurtj at cofc.edu>

Prof. Ira Feldman
Founder and managing director of Sustainability Curriculum Consortium.
Current research and teaching affiliations: George Mason University, City University of New York, University of Waterloo
E-mail: ira at greentrack.com <mailto:ira at greentrack.com>

Prof. Walter Leal
Director, European School of Sustainability Science, Germany
E-mail: esssr at ls.haw-hamburg.de <mailto:esssr at ls.haw-hamburg.de>

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