[SPN-Discussion] BIOCITIZEN! Great Field Summer Experience for 6 - 12 Years Old!

Ursa Heidinger ursa at biocitizen.org
Mon Jan 27 12:22:25 PST 2020

Hi SPNers,

*Biocitizen is currently seeking students for our immersive and educational
July program — the Our Place Summer School
is the world's only school of environmental philosophy. Through an
immersive, fun-filled curriculum, Biocitizen helps students understand
their local environment, history, and culture by exploring key sites in NYC.

At the Our Place Summer School, students have the unique opportunity
to interact with and explore nature at their own curiosity and will. They
discover, first-hand, their relationship with the urban wilderness and how
the natural and the cultural forces coexist in NYC — something few students
have done before. We walk, canoe, swim, and play throughout the city as a
way of experiencing and learning all at the same time.

*The Our Place Summer School
<https://biocitizenny.org/portfolio/our-place-summer-school-brooklyn-2/>** is
an opportunity that parents are looking for and that students need.* We
bring students into direct contact with the creatures, geologies,
hydrologies, and infrastructures of the Hudson River Estuary. As they
become empowered with a new understanding of their environment, they
transition into leaders in the field and in their lives beyond the program.

*Join us for this one-of-a-kind program to learn intimately how 'where we
are is who we are.'*

Contact newyork at biocitizen.org if you'd like a reference or to learn more
about the program.


Ursa Heidinger
*Assistant Director of Biocitizen NY*
Biocitizen, Inc.
biocitizenny.org <http://biocitizen.org/>
Biocitizen NY Facebook <https://www.facebook.com/BiocitizenNY/>
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