[SPN-Discussion] Please Share: 11/18/20 6:30p - GreenHomeNYC Forum - Ventilation, Airsealing and COVID-19

Liza Chiu chiuliza at gmail.com
Mon Nov 9 13:20:11 PST 2020

*Please join GreenHomeNYC at this month's Forum event for a panel
discussion + Q&A to learn about the latest Covid-19 guidance from these
respected mechanical engineers. *

This month's forum will focus on how to ensure living spaces are properly
ventilated -- an increasingly important issue as we enter the 9th month of
Covid-19. Our aim is to provide you with your very own expert engineering
consultants to help you navigate Covid ventilation issues, especially
important now that it’s getting colder and we will likely spend more time

You may have a lot of questions: How safe is your own apartment? Is it safe
to have friends over? How does ventilation work on subways? How can
restaurants make their environments safer so for inside dining? Can the
virus spread from one apartment to another? Lots of questions--come get
guidance to help you make your own decisions, as we all navigate these
uncertain times.

Register *HERE


   - *Amalia Cuadra, PE, CEM, MFBA,*
   <https://www.linkedin.com/in/amalia-cuadra-pe/>Senior Director of
   Engineering at En-Power Group.
   - *Dunstan Macauley, PE, HBDP, LEED AP,*
   <https://www.linkedin.com/in/dunstan-macauley-p-e-8a71875/> Director of
   Mechanical Engineering at Setty & Associates; Director & Regional Chair -
   Region III at ASHRAE
   - *Mina Agarabi, PE, CPHD, CEM, BCxP, CMVP*
   Principal and Owner of Agarabi Engineering, PLLC


Liza Chiu

*"Nothing that has value, real value, has no cost." - Dean Kamen*
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