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Dear Colleagues,  As part of the Solve Climate By 2030
<http://www.solveclimateby2030.org>project at Bard College's Center for
Environmental Policy, we are asking for help to *#MakeClimateAClass*-- a
one-hour discussion-- by every teacher, in every subject, in every
semester, over the critical decade ahead. Please forward this blog post to
climate concerned teachers and students -- university and college, high
school, K-8. Thank you- Eban
Dr. Eban Goodstein /  Director, Graduate Programs in Sustainability / Bard

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A Powerful, Simple Way to Fight Climate Change: #MakeClimateAClass

The year 2020 was the hottest on record, beginning with massive wildfires
in Australia and ending with record hurricanes in the U.S.  These are
warnings. We have to fight to change the future, and hold global heating to
the low end. To do that, we need your help to focus the world on climate

Are you a student, or a teacher who wants to help solve climate? Or do you
know a student or a teacher?  Here is one simple thing you can do today to
make a real difference, and  help get millions of students across the world
talking about climate solutions and justice in the transition. So,

Ask all of your teachers —all of them—to Make Climate a Class
<https://www.bard.edu/cep/solardominance/powerdialog/>,  a one-hour
discussion, this semester.

And then send them this video <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=asss58KK3SI>.


On April 7, 2021 the movement launches at over 100 universities worldwide.
The Center for Environmental Policy at Bard College has a roadmap for
Making Climate a Class
<https://www.bard.edu/cep/solardominance/powerdialog/>—a one hour
discussion—in every Subject: philosophy, political science, art,
engineering, biology, business, music, literature, economics and more.
Climate change touches every discipline, in K-8, high school and
university. And the teachers guides are grounded in climate solutions and
justice  <https://www.bard.edu/cep/solardominance/resources/>in the
transition, specific to your region of the world

Students: asking your teachers to #MakeClimateAClass takes courage, but it
doesn’t take time. So just do it. You will be surprised how many teachers
will be happy you did. Imagine: millions of students asking tens of
thousands of teachers—every term—to Make Climate A Class. That means, every
term, tens of millions of students worldwide, in their classes,  talking
about climate solutions.

Teachers: no excuse. Just because your lesson plan is done for this
semester, doesn’t mean you can’t change it.  And we have teachers guides
<https://www.bard.edu/cep/solardominance/resources/> and region-specific
resources <https://www.bard.edu/cep/solardominance/find-your-dialog/#2021> to
make it easy,

Time is short. If you are a teacher, if you are a student-- or if you know
a teacher or a student-- take action today, and build the worldwide
movement to #MakeClimateAClass. Take the pledge
learn more, and visit Solve Climate By 2030.

Solve Climate by 2030 is a project of the Center for Environmental Policy
at Bard College  <https://gps.bard.edu/>with support from the Open Society
University Network <https://opensocietyuniversitynetwork.org/>.

Dr. Eban Goodstein /  Director, Graduate Programs in Sustainability / Bard

MBA in Sustainability <http://www.bard.edu/mba>
MS in Environmental Policy and MS in Climate Science and Policy
M. Ed in Environmental Education

ebangood at bard.edu
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