[SPN-Discussion] WEBINAR: The Sustainability Mindset Principles with Isabel Rimanoczy

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Tue May 4 06:35:16 PDT 2021

Sustainability Curriculum Consortium (SCC) Webinar
Wednesday, May 12, 2021

2:00 PM Eastern/11:00 AM Pacific

"Developing a Mindset for a Better World"

Isabel Rimanoczy

Convener, PRME Working Group on the Sustainability Mindset

To pre-register, go to:

https://bit.ly/3h7MjOy <https://bit.ly/3h7MjOy>

It is becoming clear for all: Sustainability starts in the mindset. Whether it’s called “sustainability mind-shift”, the ‘inner new green deal”, or the ‘inner development goals’: the handwriting is on the wall. Now the question is: Yes, but how?

In this webinar Isabel Rimanoczy will share the Sustainability Mindset Principles, a scaffolding to guide educators and coaches in creating activities and interventions to develop the mindset that can shape a better world.

Dr. Rimanoczy is the Convener of the PRME Working Group on the Sustainability Mindset, a network of academics in 55+ countries and 160 institutions. She has 15 years researching the mindset for sustainability and how to develop it, and is currently working on the Sustainability Mindset Indicator.

The Sustainability Mindset Principles is the first book to introduce the 12 Principles for a Sustainability Mindset, presenting educators with a framework that makes it easy to include them into teaching plans and lessons of any discipline. Written in a very clear and practical way, the book provides examples, checklists, tips, and tools for professionals and educators. It transforms the development of a much-needed mindset for sustainability into an accessible, fun and intuitive task.
The book is written with educators from a variety of disciplines in mind, including but not limited to management educators, coaches, and trainers. No other book comes close to providing such a well-organized and solid way of starting to shift our mindsets in the direction of sustainability

To pre-register, go to:

https://bit.ly/3h7MjOy <https://bit.ly/3h7MjOy>

Ira Feldman
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Sustainability Curriculum Consortium
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