[SPN-Discussion] ASHRAE 2016 All Day Seminar - Last Chance to Reserve Your Spot!

Marino, Charlie CMarino at akfgroup.com
Tue Apr 19 08:07:22 PDT 2016

ASHRAE All Day Seminar: Last Chance to Reserve Your Spot!

High Performance Buildings - Existing and New

Time: Wednesday, April 20th, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Location: Con Edison, 4 Irving Place, New York NY

Admission Cost: $95 for ASHRAE Members, $125 for Non-ASHRAE Members

PDHs: 4

ASHRAE NY chapter is pleased to invite you to the 2016 All Day Seminar.

The Mayor's Office of Sustainability will issue their 80x50 update report within the coming weeks, focusing on HVAC system improvements required for both existing and new construction building projects in order to drastically reduce our city's carbon emissions.
Join us to be some of the first to hear John Lee from the NYC Mayor's Office of Sustainability update on NYC 80x50 plan and the impact this may have on the HVAC&R industry. Education session that follow will focus on design strategies identified in the 80x50 plan to help us get there:

    * Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems
    * Radiant Cooling Systems
    * Condensing boilers

Con Edison will also give an update regarding the various Con Ed incentives, the Retrofit Accelerator program and the Metered NY program.

Link To Register!<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001ia0H30WWFJ9HnB2E52-HNPwBNQO_xHxbqgS82jb162XPz63zMgJ09kd9V6teWvJBm6ib_2NRONcArX2iMmLD7QMNvXaO89D8SWQQV0hoc5dauN8xJbBeqehiiRXUqN_6wjDUUlMRGtDsRKReToNc_6FJ9iie3LHZMnikmbRcHlly5ob_pbyVGPLpiPrpe1mrXgXuQOb3UwU8aU2j2vgUkKDeu17lIF968sGlmA-vWfcug4NNOgKCDQkVve5aC8v5cXo-yqfQaqnlITqWo8qVDY5avqemX_rzNYVxSy5nSx0=&c=8ONyyaHKkH7MWR16ezCr0KvcrEkbyG_VaBbn2bGM1QAACGuS3AWcBg==&ch=BHW78KmSK4lV-tyA8aU1MV8FLfyDJbtRNVi9RGK6yVZUjl0AcxHXWw==>


ASHRAE NY, _, New York, NY 10001

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