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AirGreen LLC: Air-Conditioning with Less Energy, Higher Air Quality and
More Comfort

Ever anticipate entering a refreshing air-conditioned building on a hot,
hazy and humid NYC afternoon in July? And then to get inside and find that
you feel cold, clammy and uncomfortable?

AirGreen’s (www.airgreenllc.com) new air-conditioning system can fix that
and save energy—lots of energy. The company has developed
a revolutionary air-conditioning system utilizing a 98% efficient liquid
desiccant design to control humidity independent of temperature, saving 50
- 60% of the energy required for air-conditioning in Commercial and
Industrial buildings. The breakthrough technology controls temperature and
humidity of both outside and recirculated air and cleans the ventilation
air, all while producing more comfortable and healthy conditions - and all
that without over-cooling. In winter, ventilation air is fully conditioned
and 80% of energy and moisture recovered from the exhaust air stream. It
can be run either with heat pumps or renewable energy sources, an industry
first. Residential products will also be developed.

Date: Friday, May 13, 2016

Time: 8:00am – 10:00am

Organizer: Gelvin Stevenson, PhD

 Host: Troutman Sanders

Location: 875 Third Avenue & 53rd Street

A further problem that Air Green solves is that conventional systems can
only handle 25% of moisture energy and the ratio of moisture to heat in
well-insulated buildings with efficient lighting has increased to 50 or 60%
with building code improvements. Conventional systems remove moisture at
very low efficiency.

*Intellectual Property.* The company has filed two provisional patents: one
for AirGreen’s main process with 17 claims and one for a packaged rooftop
design. It also plans to file more patents, protecting its considerable

*Markets.* Markets are plentiful. They include: Commercial buildings such
as hospitals, schools, retail and supermarkets all have specific and
rigorous requirements for indoor environmental quality and are ideal
customers for a liquid desiccant system like AirGreen’s. Prospective
customers that have been interviewed include Liberty Property Trust,
Jefferson University, ARUP, the global consulting engineers, and Ecosave, a
multi-national Energy Services Company (ESCO). They have all expressed
interest in purchasing units.

The total addressable market for AirGreen products in commercial and
industrial buildings is $13 Billion and increasing at 9% a year. Overseas
addressable markets are estimated to be an additional $30 Billion out of a
total of $110 Billion HVAC equipment worldwide. The planned residential
product will open up another large market, probably through licensing to a
large manufacturer.

Register at Greentech Investors Forum's Eventbride Page

Or contact Gelvin at gelvin.stevenson at gmail.com.

*Competition.* There is competition, but the company has a long list of
competitive advantages. Test results of AirGreen’s professionally
engineered prototype designs have distanced AirGreen from other suppliers
of liquid desiccant equipment by doubling the efficiencies and capabilities
of the nearest competitor while reducing capital costs.  Conventional
systems including desiccant wheels cannot remove the amount of humidity
required economically and AirGreen products are cost-competitive while
having superior performance on energy consumption and Indoor Air Quality.

*Funds Raised: AirGreen is c*urrently self-funded for $200,000 and looking
for funding to move the company towards field trials, early sales and
initial production. $600,000 is the minimum and $2 Million is the desired
raise for 2016.  The higher figure would accelerate product launch and
sales growth by one year. An Angel group is interested in syndicating if
$250,000 is pledged.

GIF thanks Investors Circle for its generous support, Geoff Miles and Chino
Maduagwu for developing and operating GIF’s video, social media and design
capabilities, Tonia Popke for her financial expertise, and Jesse Goldstein,
PhD, for his continued assistance.

*Business Models: Sales and Licensing.* AirGreen intends to establish its
own sales force for national accounts and regional distributor networks to
sell its engineered product, which will be manufactured in Pennsylvania. In
parallel, it has established three strategic partnerships with major HVAC
manufacturers to license its technology and develop packaged products using
AirGreen technology for their mass markets. These partners also provide
potential exit paths for single or multiple exits.

*Current Activities. *The company, founded in 2014, has four in the
management team and works with several subcontractors for labour and
services. It is raising funds to pay for 12-month field trials with key
partners and customers. The company needs to build engineering, support and
sales staff, with the expectation of achieving full production capability
in 2017.  Also, funding for international patent filing will be needed in
October 2016.

Disclaimer: The Greentech Investors Forum (GIF) is not soliciting funds for
the presenting companies, nor is it encouraging parties to invest in them.
We try to find good companies—not necessarily good investments. They have
been advised on what is acceptable in terms of predicted results, but GIF
takes no responsibility for what they actually do, say, or how they perform
in the future.

*Agenda:*          8:00 to 8:30    -   Networking

                        8:30 to 8:40    -   Introductions

                        8:40 to 8:45    -   Jim Clark, SVP Engineering,
AirGreen LLC

8:45 to 9:30    -   Andrew Mongar, Founder and CEO, AirGreen, LLC

9:30 to 10:00  -   Discussion

*Security:*        If there is a problem at the Security Desk, please
contact Gelvin Stevenson at 917-599-6089.

*Fees:*               $50, payable ahead of time or at the door. Cash or
checks and credit cards accepted.

$25 for call-in. Registered call-ins will be emailed the call-in numbers
and, if available, the slides to be presented.

                        $20 for students and faculty.

To register, visit this Eventbrite site Greentech Investors Forum or send
your contact information to Gelvin Stevenson at gelvin.stevenson at gmail.com
 or 917-599-6089. And contact Gelvin If you have questions or need more


*Andrew Mongar        *

andrew at mongar.net

          *EDUCATION*:   - PhD student (ABD)/adjunct at Temple University,
Fox School of Business and Management, Global and Strategic Management
Program – 2000-2004.

                                    - MSc, Imperial College, London
University, UK. Operational Research and Management Studies.  Diploma of
Imperial College.

                                    - BSc (Gen. Hons.), Bristol University,
UK.  Major: Mathematics; Minor:  Numerical Analysis and Computation.


The Royal Institution of Great Britain

ASHRAE, Program Chair TC 8.12 Desiccant Cooling (2003-2005)

Institution of Gas Engineers – Qualified Professional Associate

*Work History*

*AirGreen LLC*, Founder and
President/CEO                                             June 2014 to

*American Genius Corp*.,
President                                                          2004 –

*Temple University*,
- 2004

*Exergy Innovation Corp*.,
Principal                                                          1992 –

*British Gas* plc, Manager, Technology
Policy                                           1990 – 1992

                          Manager Long Term R&D
Policy                                      1980 – 1987

*The European Commission*, Senior
Administrator                                  May 1989 – May 1990

*The Cabinet Office*, UK Government,
Manager                                        May 1987 – May 1989

*Selected Achievements and Responsibilities*

¨      Developed and applied for patent on liquid desiccant cooling and
dehumidification technology. Established company to commercialize the

¨      Pioneered new heat and mass transfer technology for a US
corporation.  Wrote the business plans, selected strategic partners and
negotiated contract terms.  Developed prototype machines, led the team
testing them in Europe and introduced technological advances.

¨      Negotiated strategic alliances with companies in Europe, USA, the
Middle East and China for a US corporation.  Supervised the transfer of
technology and contributed to the addition of over $3.6 million in funds

¨      Planned and initiated the novel program of Strategic Assessment in
Science and Technology, eliciting political support and negotiating with
other Directorates General of the European Commission.

¨      Introduced business methods for the management of large R&D programs
to several UK government departments, including Energy
Department.  Conducted training for government managers and supervised the
transfer of the techniques to working level.  Successfully implemented all

¨      Decided on technical and commercial feasibility of various methods
of manufacturing a specialty product.  Developed components with
international suppliers.

¨      Managed successful performance tests of prototype machines at four
independent test laboratories.

*James A. Clark, *President, Clark Energy, Inc.

clarkenergy at comcast.net


1982 – B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Drexel University, PA


Mr.  Clark consults for Energy Service companies, assembling energy
Performance Contracting projects.  Projects included HVAC projects and
Building Management System controls projects.  He also consults with Smart
Grid companies on creating demand reduction strategies and implementing
installations.   As Director of Engineering for EnergyConnect, he started,
built, and managed the engineering department.  He did the same for a
Cogeneration startup company. At both companies he developed processes,
procedures, and strategies that allowed both companies gain large market
share.  He integrated Absorption Cooling and innovative heat recovery
strategies into Cogeneration projects. Early in his career, Mr. Clark
worked at a computer room air conditioning company where he developed
schematics and sequence of operations for the equipment.  Mr. Clark has
been on the board of the Philadelphia Chapter of the Association of Energy
Engineers and is a Past President.   He has made instrumental contributions
to this organization that has resulted in multiple national awards
including Best Overall Chapter in two of the last three years. Mr. Clark is
using his experience with startup energy and HVAC companies to help
AirGreen develop its liquid desiccant equipment and build the company.

*Recent Employment Summary*

1991 - Present            *President*, Clark Energy, Inc.

2006 - 2009     *Director of Engineering*, EnergyConnect, Inc.

2001 - 2002     *Senior Engineer*, PECO Energy Company
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