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                                       ​Smart Data Science™

Date: Friday, September 9, 2016

Time: 8:00am – 10:00am

Organizer: Gelvin Stevenson, PhD

Host: Sidley Austin LLC

Location: 727 Seventh Ave. (AXA Equitable Building, between 51st and
52nd Streets),
23rd Floor

Climate Risk can no longer be ignored. But how do you deal with a global
phenomenon that is ubiquitous and gigantic and encompasses such a wide and
complex range of powerful and dangerous forces—floods, rising sea levels,
droughts, pandemics, refugee crises, geopolitical conflicts, shortages of
water, energy and food, economic meltdowns, commodity price spikes and more?

Smart Data Science (SDS) applies the latest Big Data techniques to bring to
bear the right data, processed in the right way, to the right people at the
right time. The company is revolutionizing how governments and companies
manage their risk. The company brings smart data and technology to this
problem so that by using its system, key people in the government or
enterprise can input the information directly, or automatically updating
the data whenever anything changes, and share the information in real-time
with decision-makers, field offices and other stakeholders.

That is in sharp contrast to the way risk management is done today, when
entities generally hire a consulting firm to prepare a study. These
consultants wander around the organization gleaning information necessary
for the analysis.  It costs a significant amount of time and money to do
one of these studies, and then it goes stale in a few months if not weeks,
and then sits on shelves with all the other consultants’ reports. Risk
Management as we know it is broken, and SDS is fixing it.


Register at the GIF Eventbrite page: Greentech Investors Forum

Or contact Gelvin at gelvin.stevenson at gmail.com.

In the face of mounting risks, and the resultant regulatory and public
pressure, FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) now mandates that
every town, county, city and state in the United States have and regularly
update their own Hazard Mitigation plan that incorporates Climate Change
risk. If these entities do not have and follow such a plan, FEMA is not
obligated to give them money to rebuild after a disaster. That presents a
huge market opportunity for Smart Data.

Even though Smart Data has worked for—and won awards from—the UN and World
Bank, it is pivoting its work to the domestic market. And the work they
have already accomplished in the rest of the world has positioned them well
for the domestic work.

SDS has positioned itself where it can achieve commercial success while
making a great difference in the world. Among its strengths:

·       Dynamic Classification & Data Streams: Automatically collect and
unify a wide variety of data streams according to multiple Risk Frameworks

·       Smart Data Model: Built in best practices & process to map
interconnectedness of Threats, Vulnerabilities & Risks with Experts,
Organizations, Resilience Plans, etc.

·       Visual Analytics & Geospatial Intelligence: GIS, Visual Analytics &
Scenario capabilities

·       Integrated Publication: Classify data and disseminate via portals,
apps and data APIs

·   “Smart” Risk Management platform delivered as a SaaS or Hybrid product

·        Patentable IP that unifies structured and unstructured big data
and provides insights to help clients pro-actively understand and reduce
risks resulting in avoiding economic, human and environment losses.

In addition, the platform provides risk analytics and reports that can
enhance the client’s strategic planning, operational decision-making,
regulatory disclosures, investor due diligence, credit ratings, insurance
coverage and premium costs, impact reporting and communicating with
partners, employees and communities.

·       The product has already been applied by the World Bank, generating
$200K in revenues and winning recognition as a top 10 innovative big data
risk management application.

·       One million plus in sales pipeline including the World Bank and its
clients,  US local and state governments, and global PE, financial services
and pharmaceutical firms.

·       Experienced and deep management team with Government and Fortune
500 risk management, big data and software product development background

GIF thanks Investors Circle for its generous support, Geoff Miles and Chino
Maduagwu for developing and operating GIF’s video, social media and design
capabilities, Tonia Popke for her financial expertise, and Jesse Goldstein,
PhD, for his continued assistance.

 SDS is seeking $1 million for accelerating revenue growth. The objective
of this capital is to achieve $1 million sales revenue in the next 12
months, and lay a foundation to scale the business for $20 million sales
revenue in 2019, for which they will raise additional funds.

Disclaimer: The Greentech Investors Forum (GIF) is not soliciting funds for
the presenting companies, nor is it encouraging parties to invest in them.
We try to find good companies—not necessarily good investments. They have
been advised on what is acceptable in terms of predicted results, but GIF
takes no responsibility for what they actually do, say, or how they perform
in the future.

*Agenda:*          8:00 to 8:30    -   Networking

                        8:30 to 8:40    -   Introductions

8:40 to 9:10    -      Manish Sood, Founder and CEO

9:10 to 9:30    -      Andrea Zanon, Managing Director at Farrell Advisory,
and a                                           global risk expert (by

9:30 to 10:00  -   Discussion

*Security:*        Security is tight, so please register early. If there is
a problem at the Security Desk, please contact Gelvin Stevenson at

*Fees:*               $50, payable ahead of time or at the door. Cash or
checks and credit cards accepted.

$25 for call-in. Registered call-ins will be emailed the call-in numbers
and, if available, the slides to be presented.

                        $20 for students and faculty.

To register, visit this Eventbrite site Greentech Investors Forum
send your contact information to Gelvin Stevenson at
gelvin.stevenson at gmail.com or 917-599-6089. And contact Gelvin If you have
questions or need more information.



Founder, CEO and Chief Product Officer

Entrepreneur, Software Product Manager and Corporate Executive with 20
years of global industry experience. Primarily focused on applying data
science, big data analytics, machine learning, geospatial intelligence,
relationship mapping, Internet of Things (IoT), social, cloud and mobile
technologies to help organizations become more resilient, competitive and
productive. Specialize in government, financial, private equity,
pharmaceutical and technology sectors.

Currently (2014-present) Founder, CEO and Chief Product Officer at Smart
Data Science LLC (SDS), a NYC based firm that provides big data analytics
and risk management platform for government and enterprise. Developed the
product in close collaboration with the World Bank and its international
country clients. Built management team, secured early clients, developed
product and technology roadmaps, scaled world-class onshore/offshore
development operations and formed partnerships with leading industry
players. SDS platform has been recognized as an innovative big data
application at the 2015 annual World Bank and IMF Spring Meetings.

Previously (2009-2014) served as co-Founder, CEO and Head of Product
Management at Messagemind, a smart email management and social network data
analytics products company. Bootstrapped the company, raised capital, built
management team, developed business cases, formed technology and data
partnerships and led key account sales including Johnson and Johnson, KKR,
Morgan Stanley, German Aerospace Center, among others. Created IP strategy,
won patents

and trademarks. Recognized as Top-100 Innovative Company by AlwaysOn.

Prior to Messagemind, served in various management roles in an IT
consulting firm (2001-2009) – Business Instruments Corp. based in NYC.
Helped grow the company from a startup to multi- million dollars in yearly
revenues. Acquired reputed clients such as New York City and State
government agencies, Guardian Life Insurance, JP Morgan Chase, Technology
Startups, among others. Positioned the business for differentiated and
high-margin solution services, created customer-focused processes for
scalability, attracted top talent, built teams, and developed R and D
practice that led to the Messagemind spin-off.

Advisor to the Women for Resilience initiative, a joint social impact
partnership and investment fund being explored by Johnson and Johnson,
World Bank, Rockefeller Foundation, among others. Holder of multiple
patents on adaptive user behavior learning algorithms, dynamic
prioritization of electronic communications, social networks mapping, and
productivity and collaboration analytics. Executive MS in Technology
Management from Stevens Institute of Technology, NJ.

Andrea Zanon, Managing Director at Farrell Advisory, Washington, D.C.
Farrell is a boutique investment banking and advisory firm.


 Master degree in Philosophy, Foreign Languages, and History (Bologna
University and Granada).

 Masters Degree in Economics and International Development (Georgetown

Lecturer on Resilience Investment and Entrepreneurship

 Georgetown University (USA).

 IE Business School (Spain).

 Effat Womens’ College (Saudi


Andrea Zanon has twenty years of professional experience including eight
years in the private and public sectors as a senior executive and nine
years as social entrepreneur.  Currently as a Managing Director at Farrell
Advisory, Washington, D.C. he is focused on providing strategic advice to
companies looking to grow via MandA, joint ventures and business
development activities with a particular focus on impact investment and
international and technology businesses.

Previously Andrea led and established the World Bank Middle East and North
Africa Risk Management team.  In this capacity, he built  risk  management
programs in eleven courtiers in the Middle East leading to $2.5 billion in
resilience investments.

Andrea founded and led several award winning start-ups in the resilience,
agribusiness, environment and financial services in Africa, Europe and
Latin America. These include Jimmly-Lee Co., Aroma Consulting, Earth
Council Fund, and 4Minuti.  In  2014,  Andrea  was  awarded  an
innovation  prize  following  his launch  of  the  first  Global  Women
for  Resilience  Investment  fund  promoting women led impact investment in
emerging economies.

Andrea worked for the President Clinton Foundation as an energy advisor and
for the Secretary of State Madeline Albright as an Investment Advisor.
Andrea continues to advise members of the Qatar and Saudi Arabia Royal
families on matters of investment and development, as well as several Heads
of States and Mayors in Africa, the Middle East and Latin America on
technology, jobs creation, economic growth and entrepreneurship.
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