[SPN-Discussion] Next SCC Webinar, Monday, February 13: “Leading Change: Leveraging Change Management to Achieve Your Goals”

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       Sustainability Curriculum Consortium (SCC)

“Leading Change: Leveraging Change Management to Achieve Your Goals”
with Becki Hack

Monday, February 13, 2017
2PM Eastern time
Integrating sustainability into curricula represents a significant change to the way educators think, work, and, often, organize.

So how can change agents—whether leading a grassroots initiative or driving an institutional mandate—increase the probability of achieving their ESD goals? By equipping themselves with a structured change management methodology routinely used and proven successful in organizational change.

“Change management” focuses on the “people side of change” and provides the discipline for preparing, equipping, and supporting individuals in adopting the change that drives desired outcomes.

This session will help participants look at their institutions’ ESD change initiatives using the lens of a leading change management framework and immediately begin applying those concepts to their respective organization’s unique vision, structure, culture, people, and circumstances.

By understanding change management as a leadership tool, change agents can design a plan to achieve their vision, accelerate change toward success, mitigate risks, and build institutional competency for the ongoing leadership critical to ESD.

To pre-register (no fee): bit.ly/2ktfJJw <http://bit.ly/2ktfJJw>

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