[SPN-Discussion] C2C Sustainability Leaders Training. March 3-5: Call for Student Participants

Eban Goodstein ebangood at bard.edu
Mon Jan 9 06:29:06 PST 2017

Please forward to students and recent graduates interested in skills for sustainability leadership. 

Gain the Knowledge to Change the Future

The C2C Fellows Network <http://mx.technolutions.net/mpss/c/1AA/jM0HAA/t.21e/5fn-o3dISCSlsB-DpMJyHg/h0/VfxMW-2B-2FdirC-2FkRNzL77cHMU0BkkMaqMBTqs-2Bf2xMcoQ-3D> at the Bard Center for Environmental Policy <http://mx.technolutions.net/mpss/c/1AA/jM0HAA/t.21e/5fn-o3dISCSlsB-DpMJyHg/h1/VfxMW-2B-2FdirC-2FkRNzL77cHGMIxer43KJqBJerwEvsJZI-3D> is a national program for undergraduates and recent graduates aspiring to leadership work in sustainable politics, NGOs and business. C2C’s intensive skills-based weekend workshops include young people from across the country.

Led by Dr. Eban Goodstein, Director of Bard’s Center for Environmental Policy, C2C trainings focus on key leadership skills: vision, courage, developing your network, telling your story, and raising funds.

Graduates of the workshops join a national network with access to continuing educational and professional opportunities, including dedicated scholarships to attend Bard’s Graduate Programs in Sustainability: Masters of Science degrees in Environmental Policy and Climate Science and Policy <http://mx.technolutions.net/mpss/c/1AA/jM0HAA/t.21e/5fn-o3dISCSlsB-DpMJyHg/h2/VfxMW-2B-2FdirC-2FkRNzL77cHGMIxer43KJqBJerwEvsJZI-3D> and the Bard MBA in Sustainability. <http://mx.technolutions.net/mpss/c/1AA/jM0HAA/t.21e/5fn-o3dISCSlsB-DpMJyHg/h3/VfxMW-2B-2FdirC-2FkRNzL77cHCZUwtHfeNo0crkb4HbIMMQ-3D> 

C2C Fellows are leaders whose vision is to make a difference soon. Our mission is to accelerate their life’s work.

APPLY NOW <http://mx.technolutions.net/mpss/c/1AA/jM0HAA/t.21e/5fn-o3dISCSlsB-DpMJyHg/h4/TQq8raW4D-2FfUJzgtPOAKaSS4vIHaZJtXQhzWOCarPzMzWhZrKGtRL1U1EpZitsTEQMp9Dpg0QvaEeU6VqpvwPqeYJdYbYQ4XYE2CDbYHjMjgXmTqG7JFu2L0n-2F7TDgTcd3y1Tib3fHY-2F0g8KBaU6TQ-3D-3D>

Registration fee of $30 covers lodging and food. Sample agenda here. <http://www.bard.edu/cep/blog/?p=8860>
Conference begins at 4PM Friday 3/2 and ends on 12 noon Sunday 3/4. 
Bard College is 90 miles north of New York City, and is easily accessible by Amtrak from Penn Station in NYC.
Questions? Please contact Megan Lynch, ml2359 at bard.edu
Eban Goodstein
Director, Bard Center for Environmental Policy &
Director, Bard MBA in Sustainability
www.bard.edu/cep — www.bard.edu/mba
ebangood at bard.edu

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