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Trish trishkmail at gmail.com
Thu Aug 2 08:28:37 PDT 2018

 Dear SPN colleagues,

I am incredibly excited to share my new adventure with you!

Sustainable Career Pathways <http://www.sustainablecareerpathways.com/> is
a website for professionals and students looking to advance their careers
in sustainability.

Every week I feature inspiring, engaging interviews with sustainability
practitioners who share their stories of what they really do on the job and
how they got there.

I’ve also curated an incredible collection of resources to keep you
up-to-date with podcasts you’ll love, networks you’ll be excited to join,
and conferences you won’t want to miss.

Come check it out <http://www.sustainablecareerpathways.com/>, and if you
love the site as much as I know you will, *you can stay connected with me

Subscribing to my newsletter <http://eepurl.com/drTPKb>

Following me on LinkedIn

Following me on Facebook

Following me on Twitter <https://twitter.com/SustainableCP>

*Want to help spread the word? * Awesome, thanks!  There are lots of ways
you can help:

   - Post a link to the site on your Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter feed:
   - Forward this message to all of your sustainability minded friends and
   - Forward this message to your school’s career center, alumni office, or
   student clubs

THANK YOU for your support!  I hope this website can serve as the start of
something amazing for you or someone you share this with.

With love and gratitude,
- Trish
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