[SPN-Discussion] Possible job for urban landscaper in East Village/Lower East Side NYC

Anne Dardis annedard at gmail.com
Wed May 16 05:30:18 PDT 2018

Dear Lois,
 If this job information is appropriate for your Sustainability
Practice  Network contacts, please let me know. The salary would be

At  a large non profit coop in the East Village.
The buildings & grounds committee has approval from the board to
submit 3 proposals to hire a  local replacement for our current
landscapers who travel a long and expensive distance to get to us.

Activities include:
Periodic grass cutting, leaf collecting, hedge trimming.
We hope to reduce fossil fuel energy consumption and noise pollution.
We are setting up a compost system to save the leaves.   We also hope
to eliminate fertilizer which includes toxic chemicals. During warm
months  we need someone  2-4 times monthly,  not much is required in
colder weather.
Requirements include, Insurance, License, bonded.

I can receive any replies at this gmail address, unless we succeed in
creating a google-groups email by the time you post this.
Thank you
Anne Dardis

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