[SPN-Discussion] GreenHomeNYC: Urban Heat Island and COVID-19 – A Perfect Storm? July 22, 6:30pm online

Pamela Berns pam at greenhomenyc.org
Mon Jul 20 10:01:56 PDT 2020


*Summer in the City: Urban Heat Island, Environmental Justice and Covid 19–** a
Perfect Storm?*

Temperatures this summer are rising to uncomfortable levels.  But what
policies are in place to assist people who are confined to small, crowded
apartments, with inadequate ventilation and no air conditioning —or
unaffordable air conditioning—in the case of a heat wave?   What are the
environmental justice issues that should be considered, since traditional
practices like opening community centers and shelters may be
contraindicated in the era of Covid? What populations are being
disproportionately affected by urban heat and climate change?

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