[SPN-Discussion] Encylopedia of Materials

Fiona Anastas fiona at hyloh.com
Tue Nov 24 00:51:43 PST 2020


We are finding that there is a gap in knowledge about materials, how they
are processed, reclaimed, recycled and basic concepts related to
sustainability. So...we've been working on a materials encyclopedia - the
type of book that I would have loved to have when I was a student, when I
was teaching, and even now as a materials researcher.

I was hoping that this might be of interest to you all. We need to pre-sell
300 copies in order for the publisher (Birkhauser) to proceed.

We're also sharing a peek at some entries on instagram @hyloh__

Thank you so much,

*Fiona Donaghey (Anastas)*  |  Co-Founder
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Making a positive impact through the application of materials, processes,
and circular design thinking.
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