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NYC SPN Colleagues,

After careful consideration, Hank and I have decided to adjust the
structure of our long-running internship program to a paid internship at
$15 per hour.

Below you will find the updated listing and details.

Please share with eligible friends, family, and colleagues.

All the best,

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Summer/Fall Sustainability Reports Research Analyst Internship 2021

G&A’s remote internship opportunity is for qualified students interested in
learning more about corporate sustainability and ESG (Environmental,
Social, Governance) issues.

During the remote internship, G&A Institute Interns learn and master
important elements of common reporting frameworks used by investors, such
as GRI Standards, SASB, TCFD, CDP, IIRC and the UN SDGs, among others. An
example of topics and issues of discussion and research during this
internship include the concepts of materiality, stakeholder engagement,
external assurance, reporting balance, comparability, and many others. All
of which is valuable knowledge and experience that can be applied in your
studies and future careers.

The work supports G&A’s pro-bono work including G&A's US Sustainability
Reporting Database (SRD) along with contributing to associated research on
sustainability reporting trends made available to the public with
recognition of the intern’s contributions to the research.

This is a rapidly growing area of interest to Wall Street, investors and
various corporations from all sectors and industries. In 2020, G&A interns
contributed to G&A’s two-part annual research publication tracking
sustainability reporting trends of both the S&P 500®
  and Russell 1000®
They found that 90% of S&P 500 companies and 65% of the Russell 1000
companies were publishing sustainability reports!


   - Discover the ins and outs of the world’s leading sustainability
   - Learn to analyze data and interpret content from sustainability
   - Gain insights into the rapidly growing field of ESG from
   - Assist in team research supporting G&A publications; public
   recognition will be given to all interns involved in research and

Internship Identification:  Sustainability Report Research Analyst

Virtual Location: Work is done remotely – at your own location with a
flexible work schedule.  Initial training via virtual meeting tools. There
will be opportunities to attend industry networking and training events
(virtual and in-person when available) with G&A’s network of event and
training partners.

Time Period & Commitments: Interns are expected to dedicate approximately
10 hours per week for 6 months; with an approximate start date of mid-July
2021. Working hours are flexible for the majority of time required.
However, interns are expected to also be flexible and make time for
occasional team calls within normal working hours (10AM - 5PM EST).

Compensation: $15 per hour, estimated at 10 hours per week

College Credit: College credit may be available. Interested candidates
should check with their school, academic advisor and/or career center for
more information about college credit internship guidelines specific for
their school and/or academic program.

In this role, you will work as part of a team to analyze sustainability
reports for inclusion in the largest US database of sustainability reports,
G&A's U.S. Sustainable Reporting Database (US-SRD).

The majority of this assignment, will be comprised of learning to read,
analyze, use and structure data from corporate and institutional
sustainability reports.  The research will also contribute to several
published research reports on various trends in sustainability reporting
which are made public and widely referenced by media, academics, business,
capital markets players and other important sustainability stakeholders.

Student(s) selected will have the opportunity to experience a fast-paced,
highly-adaptive, mentoring culture in a small but growing company with a
unique niche. This is a hands-on position with considerable learning
opportunity for those headed into corporate responsibility / sustainability
or sustainability / impact investment careers.

G&A interns get public recognition for their work in published reports, on
G&A’s web platforms, blogs, and public press releases. Interns also have
the opportunity to contribute to the G&A SustainabilityUpdate blog
<http://ga-institute.com/Sustainability-Update/>based on their research and
interests related to the internship

G&A’s is proud of its Intern Alumni and are happy to share their success
with the world, as they accomplish great things through their careers
navigating the way to sustainability.

To see what past G&A Interns have been doing (and their backgrounds) check
out G&A’s Honor Roll at


   - Must be in junior/senior year of Bachelors program or in a Masters
   program with major/studies focused on business, capital markets, ESG,
   environmental and/or sustainability issues and topics.
   - Demonstrate strong background / keen interest or past work experience
   in ESG and sustainability-related issues / topics.
   - Having a basic understanding of business and the capital markets is
   - Must have strong skill sets and experience in independent online
   research and analysis.
   - Must be excellent at using Excel / Google Sheets and researching on
   - Have strong technical, communication and organizational skills.
   - Must be self-driven and able to work independently to meet
   expectations and deadlines.
   - Must be fluent in English, additional languages are a plus.
   - Applicants with good writing and editing abilities will have a


Phase 1:
If you meet the above requirements, interested students should email the
following items to internships at ga-institute.com

   1. A cover letter outlining why you would be a good fit for this role.
   2. Resume including your education, skill sets, and work experience.
   3. A one-to-two page introduction essay on what you would like to learn
   more about (in terms of your career goals), what your interests are, and
   anything else you feel may be relevant to the job/our organization. Include
   sectors or industries you may be particularly interested in regarding ESG /
   4. Samples of writing or research on sustainability or other topics are
   also a plus.

Our interns are a crucial part of the G&A team and are required to perform
in-depth analysis of corporate sustainability reports and contribute to
G&A's major research projects. We therefore require all candidates to
undergo a research analyst assessment process, outlined below:

Phase 2:
In this phase, you’ll be asked to analyze five (5) sustainability reports
for pre-determined companies. All the information you need will be
provided. Upon completing Phase 2, G&A will grade your submission. Those
who perform well enough will be selected to move on to Phase 3.

Phase 3:
In this phase, you’ll receive detailed feedback on your Phase 2 submission
and will be asked to review and demonstrate an understanding of any
mistakes. You’ll also be required to analyze five (5) more sustainability

Selection Process:
After completing all three phases, the G&A team will carefully review and
make a final decision on your application. You’ll be notified of our
decision and will receive further feedback on your Phase 3 materials.

Founded in 2006, Governance & Accountability Institute is a New York
City-based company that specializes in research, communications, strategies
and other services focused on corporate sustainability and corporate ESG
performance (“Environmental, Social, Governance”) issues.

*View Internship Information Online:*


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