[SPN-Discussion] COP21: Invitation to Join Place to B, Climate Communications Center

Tara DePorte tara at humanimpactsinstitute.org
Thu May 14 11:52:22 PDT 2015

Hello all!

Some of you know that I am a research fellow at the University of
Aix-Marseille this year and so I'm here building a lot of partnerships in
France on climate and communications and how to use the arts to inspire
more action on climate.  It's amazing and we're developing a lot of
exciting programs and collaborations for the Human Impacts Institute
<http://www.humanimpactsinstitute.org/> (HII).

One of the groups we are now partnering with is PlacetoB
<http://PlaceTob-COP21Paris.com>, who are an amazing team in Paris creating
a space for communications teams (bloggers, journalists, filmmakers, etc)
and other working on building the "climate narrative" during and after
COP.  Our HII is going to be based there and the space has lodging,
collective working spaces, workshops w/special guests, overviews of daily
agendas in Paris for the COP, etc throughout the two weeks of COP21. It's
also right near Gare du Nord (yet in the city center), which is the easy
access to where the negotiations are via train.

I thought you might be interested and/or want to share with your
colleagues.  It would be great to have the ease of collaboration with
others focusing on communications and engagment.

Feel free to share the info below and I look forward to seeing some of you
in europe this year.



P.S. any of you in Paris next week for Climate Week?  If so, let me
know--would be great to see you!

*Place to B* <http://placetob-cop21paris.com/en> is a very innovative
project which aims at gathering people who want to talk about climate
issues differently. It will take place in a huge headquarter based in the
center of Paris (Gare du Nord), during the United Nations Climate
Conference in Paris next December 2015.

At *Place To B*, people can sleep, cowork, get daily briefings on the UN
negotiations and related climate issues. They can get involved in our
innovative "media makerspace" dedicated to building a new narrative about
climate change and solutions for an environmental transition. It's also a
great opportunity to meet creative and passionate people from all around
the world... share, work and party !

Anne-Sophie Novel, founder of *Place To B*, strongly recommended me to
contact you, as you may be interested in helping us *spread the word about
our initiative. *We have recently launched the booking process and
have negotiated special room rates with a 15% discount for early birds
who* book
their rooms* *before May 15th*.

You surely know some people, whether journalist, bloggers, illustrators,
photographers, video makers, entrepreneurs, writers, web developers,
comedians, or any other you can think of... who could benefit from this
offer, thanks to you.

If so, we would be thrilled if you could share this information through
email, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin or any other social or private network,
to contribute boosting the dynamic :) You can invite people to simply fill
out this form <http://placetob-cop21paris.com/en/participate/application/> to
register online and book their room, or contact us by email
<placetob.togathering at ecoloinfo.com> for more information.

Thank you very much and I would be happy to answer any question you may

All the best,

*Joanne Schanté *for *Place To B*
*placetob.togathering at ecoloinfo.com <placetob.togathering at ecoloinfo.com>*
*+33 6 (0) 47 41 05 15*

PlaceTob-COP21Paris.com <http://placetob-cop21paris.com/>
*  Place To B COP21 <http://www.facebook.com/COP21PlaceToB>*
* @PlaceToBcop21*

Tara DePorte
*Executive Director and Founder*
*The Human Impacts Institute <http://www.humanimpactsinstitute.org> *
Tara at HumanImpactsInstitute.org
*Office:* +1 917 727 9761
*Like us!* facebook.com/HumanImpactsInstitute
*Follow us!* @HumanImpacts <http://twitter.com/humanimpacts>

*Tara DePorte Art, Teaching, and Speaking*
TaraDePorte.com <http://www.taradeporte.com/>
Do LESS. Be more.
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