[SPN-Discussion] First Academic/Peer Reviewed Published Article. Why Are Making Big Sustainability Changes So Hard?

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Been out of the SPN loop for a few years, although I was part of it in the beginning.

This article, published a few days ago, is mostly on mindset barriers to big sustainability change, although it gets into other things about social change. It includes, but goes way beyond, business. It was heavily influenced by decades following/prodding the sustainable business field.

It looks at why big changes are so hard. While certainly there are many well-known obstacles, such as resistance from those fighting them, apathy, inertia, etc., this one, I think, is unexpected.

These are the way we see things, unexamined assumptions we make, cognitive biases. We do these to ourselves. We cannot blame an external villain for them.

I think they are actually pervasive (came up with 101 of them), and held even by those who are trying to make positive changes. Among other things, if I'm right, they are getting in the way of needed conversations, innovations, actions.

In it I try to learn from failures, so, among other things, the next generation is better prepped about this “enemy,” and perhaps can come up with new ways to address it. (If so, hope they tell me!)

Here it is:


Regards, and I hope as much as possible, everyone is finding coping mechanisms that are working for you,


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